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Address:ZIB Financial Tower, No. 39 Xiangzhang Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, P.R.China.
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 We have world level hydro-electric technologies, large-scale manufacturing base, excellent facilities and advanced process. We have the capability to independently design, manufacturing and provide after-sales service for Francis unit with unit capacity up to 200MW, Kaplan unit up to 100MW, S type of 40MW, and also inlet valves with 800m water head and 3m in diameter.

We have world level hydro-electric technologies
Advanced world level software package for design
Complete purchase quality control system
Excellent turbine generating set and equipment
Several National Patents for advanced turbine technology
Cooperation with Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University and setting up a CFD Research Center

【CFD Research Center Opening Ceremony】

Large-scale manufacturing base

【Airscape of No.1 Manufacturing base】

【Airscape of No.2 Manufacturing base】

Photos of workshop

Photos of main equipments
-Cutting equipment

Big NC flame steel plate cutting machine
-Machine equipment

10m double-column vertical lathe

6.3m NC double-column vertical lathe

14m NC horizontal lathe

5-axial NC boring&milling machine

3-axial NC boring&milling machine
-Casting equipment

10T electric arc furnace

20T AOD refining furnace
-Steel plate forming equipment

Big NC steel plate rolling bending

800T oil pressure machine
-Special runner welding equipment

30T Welding positioner
-Heat treatment equipment

Heat treatment furnace (9×6.5×4m)
-Anti-corrosion equipment

Shot blasting cabinet (12×8×6m)

Painting dry room(12×8×6m)
-Stator coil machine

Coiling insulation enveloping

stator bar manufacturing
Photos of  product instances

Guide vane apparatus factory assembly

high water head spiral case pressure test

Coiling voltage test

spherical valve pressure test
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